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Camber is elegant and chic, with distinctive convex curves and matching arms that create a sophisticated seating solution for executive seating. A plunging, full-size waterfall seat, self-adjusting strap system, and three layers of foam make for a supportive, plush, comfortable sit.

Fino is elegant and timeless. With distinctive pleated horizontal stitching details and handcrafted fit and finish. Fino is the ultimate choice for boardrooms and private offices.

With its smooth and tailored contemporary styling, Valence looks at home in any tasking or conference environment. Molded seat and back foam create the perfect sit for all day comfort-at a surprisingly affordable price.

Start leaning towards the Revel chair as it is the perfect transition into your office. Whether it be in a task, conference or executive setting, the Revel supports your body throughout the day by mirroring the movement in your spine.

Emme is our most popular task - built to accommodate up to 95% of all users. Offered with two seat and three back sizes, multiple control options and seat slider to help create a personalized fit. Mix and match, all leather, fabric and foammesh and all fabric.

Quickstacker blends form with function for a slim, attractive profile. The plastic contour-molded seat and back provide added comfort, while allowing stacking of up to 40 chairs high on a dolly.

Sitting should never be a back-breaker -- or a bank-breaker. So Highmark's hb takes a different approach: all-day comfort and support throughout your office at a price that makes you smile. The hb line doesn't follow the straight and narrow.

Modela is that go-to family of seating that is just right for workspaces that need a balance of quality, value and aesthetic. Modela’s variety creates function and comfort with a clean and simple design that blends into the organization’s culture. Modela leaves no boundaries with options.

Highmark's hb guest chair is the perfect addition to top-off your office seating environment. Whether it be in a reception area or an executive's office, this chair compliments and finishes the hb line by providing the ultimate comfort and support in a functional manner for guests.

Ten is truly a "10" in all areas - design, comfort performance and versatility. Its sophisticated design features a slender profile, lean curves and a perfectly styled back. Ten's wall saver frame is available in both silver and black.