Rhode Island (MHEC)


Mass Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) Contract
Contract Number: MC11-C07
Effective Date: 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2018


Series Name:
All Series
% Discount:
Dock Delivery - 55%
Delivered and Installed - 51%
>$250,000 List - +1%
Additional Qty. Discounts:
Quick Ship Programs:
Quick ship are available on specific products - see price list or contact dealer for more information.
Installation Costs:
Quoted on a per job basis.
Shipping/Delivery Costs:
Quoted on a per job basis.

Order Instructions
  • For orders placed directly to Highmark by a State Agency, please name the local dealer.
  • For orders placed by a dealer, please attach a copy of the State Agency purchase order.
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5559 McFadden Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
 Telephone:(714) 903-2257
 Toll Free Number:(800) 441-4975
 Web Site:www.highmarkergo.com

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 Company:BBE Office Interiors
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Pittsfield, MA 01201
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 Contact:Dan Proskin
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 Company:Broadway Office Furniture
 Address:90 Tapley St. 
Springfield, MA 01104
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 Contact:Ron Gordenstein
 Email Address:ron@broadwayoffice.com
 Company:Creative Office Pavilion
 Address:One Design Center PL #734 
Boston, MA 02210
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 Contact:Mike Clancy
 Email Address:mclancy@cop-inc.com
 Company:DR Consultants
 Address:1337 Black Mountain Rd 
Dummerston, VT 05301
 Fax Number:802-257-0909
 Contact:Denny Robins
 Email Address:dennyconsult@gmail.com
 Company:Environments at Work
 Address:300 A St. 
Boston, MA 02210
 Fax Number:617-830-5310
 Contact:Ken Patrick
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 Company:Interscape Commercial Environments
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 Contact:Josh Hagstrom
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 Company:John Watts Associates
 Address:121 Roberts St. 
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 Contact:Jeff Watts
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 Company:Lexington Group
 Address:380 Union St. 
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 Contact:Eric Bascom
 Email Address:eric@lexingtongroupinc.com
 Company:Office Resources
 Address:374 Congress St. 
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 Fax Number:617-423-5590
 Contact:Rob Tenaglia
 Email Address:robtenaglia@ori.com
 Company:Office Resources
 Address:100 Pearl St. 
Hartford, CT 06103
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 Contact:Harry Gruss
 Email Address:harrygruss@ori.com
 Address:28 Garfield St. 
Newington, CT 06111
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 Contact:Megan Michalski
 Email Address:MMichalski@myofi.com
 Company:Peabody Office
 Address:234 Congress St. 
Boston, MA 02110
 Fax Number:617-542-4895
 Contact:Scott Peckham
 Email Address:scott.peckham@peabodyoffice.com
 Company:R.V. Leonard Company
 Address:1362 Washington St. 
Weymouth, MA 02189
 Fax Number:781-331-4086
 Contact:Jim Athy
 Email Address:jim@rvleonard.com
 Company:Red Thread
 Address:22 Boston Wharf Rd. 
Boston , MA 02210
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 Contact:Mike Faherty
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 Company:Red Thread
 Address:300 East River Dr. 
East Hartford, CT 06108
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 Contact:Bill Tagliatela
 Email Address:btagliatela@red-thread.com
 Company:Robert Lord
 Address:220 Chapel St. 
Manchester, CT 06042
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 Contact:Rob Romay
 Email Address:robromay@rhlco.com
 Company:W.B. Mason
 Address:59 Centre St. 
Brockton, MA 02303
 Fax Number:800-773-4488
 Contact:Steve Bliss
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 Company:W.B. Mason
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Windsor, CT 06088
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