Environmental Mission

As responsible members of the business community, it is our desire and pledge to leave the environment better than we found it. As consumers of the earth's resources we consider it our responsibility to reduce and eventually eliminate the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. The transition to environmentally conscious company is a management fostered life long philosophy that drives our commitment to sustainability. 

In Product Development
The bulk of the components in our products, mainly nylon, steel, aluminum, and polypropylene, are 100% recyclable. Seeking alliances with earth-friendly vendors and suppliers is a prime directive for our supply chain and manufacturing team. 
Several 100% recycled and 100% recyclable Interface Fabric Group patterns have been added to our fabric offering.

In Manufacturing
We have eliminated all use of Methylene Chloride, a possible human carcinogen, based adhesives and replaced them with water-based, environment-friendly, adhesives throughout our operations.
A revision of all cutting patterns has reduced foam and fabric waste. All fabric trimmings from the manufacturing are sent to a fabric recycler. 
Per piece Job travelers, purchase order and receiving file copies have been replaced by paperless systems.

In Packaging
All Highmark’s corrugated cartons are made of 65% recycled material. We also encourage orders for blanket wrap products by offering will call discounts as an incentive to accept orders blanket wrapped, instead of cartoned. Bulk packaging that significantly reduces the amount of cardboard packaging is encouraged to all stackable chair products. Packaging practices are modified to minimize waste and save valuable resources. Local JIT suppliers are delivering components stretch wrapped instead of boxed.

In Energy Conservation
Our progress towards lean manufacturing has thus far reduced our finished goods inventory by 90% and Raw Materials by 50%. Reduced lead times along with flexible work schedules have resulted in reductions of energy consumption.

In Waste Management
100% of all inbound carton packaging material, and scrap leather is removed by local recyclers. All spent oil is sent to a recycler. Likewise, all aerosols and lead batteries are sent to the appropriate places for recycling or disposal. HighMark is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWise Program. A program designed for companies committed to reduce the amount and/or toxicity of waste requiring disposal. It includes waste prevention, recycling, composting, and the purchase and manufacture of goods that have recycled content or produce less waste.

In Office Waste Management

  • Paper is recycled.
  • Cans and bottles discarded in our lunch room are collected and recycled.
  • All used computer equipment is disposed of accordingly for metals and plastic (ABS) recycling.
  • All empty photocopier and printer cartridges are returned to our suppliers for refilling.